Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rain came early!

Our day started chilly. I ran the fireplace to warm the house up before Jim got out of bed. We had sunshine to begin our day and it warmed up nicely outside.

After breakfast and my chores we headed into Fort Carson and a run to the commissary. Not sure if we'll have another chance before we leave on the 1st. while I was getting groceries Jim was buying beer, then he joined me and helped me get all the items on the list plus a few more. :)

I think that was the earliest we've ever completed that chore. As we headed home the rain started. Just a light sprinkle and we were able to get our purchases inside without getting to wet. We were home by noon and once the groceries were put away we had some lunch. Then it was time for my soaps and Jim joined Ed for some golf.

Jim came home while I was reading and enjoying a cup of coffee. He made some cappuccino for himself but something went wrong and he made a wee mess so he did dishes and cleaned up his mess. I think it was about this time when the storm came through. Whew it was noisy for a bit and the rain was cold!

By 1600 the rain had passed and we sat outside for awhile. It was partly sunny and as long as the sun was out it wasn't to cold. We went inside before an hour had passed....just to chilly!

Dinner tonight was a mushroom pasta with marinara sauce, spinach salad and artisan bread. Jim helped with the dishes.

We're both on our computers and we've watched some TV...Bones, Leverage and NCIS