Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Glorious Day!

I awoke at 5 minutes to 8 this morning! I've no idea why I slept so late but it was nice...

I fed the birds then made my coffee. By this time Jim was up.

This could be either of us when we first get up! :) We both had some breakfast and then started with some chores. Jim cleaned out a cabinet while I did the dishes. After I got dressed I did a load of laundry. I was going to sit outside to read but it was a wee bit chilly. So I sat indoors and read for a bit.

I made myself some soup for lunch. Jim was golfing with Ed next door, those guys sure love that Wii! He finally came home and had a bite to eat. Then we went to Camping World. The other day we had a hail storm and our awning was damaged. Jim needed more awning tape. Alas they had none so our 40+mile trip was a waste of fuel. We did look at some rigs, some posh and some not!

Our return trip to the campground we went through Fort Carson. It only cut 4 or so miles off our trip. During this time I was texting Sonsearae. I miss her and it's always fun to chat with her.

The following pictures are all I have of her on my computer.
1972, as you can see she isn't fond of Santa, she was almost 2 years old

this was taken a few years later in 2006 :)

The three of us were tickled about something in May 2008

April 2009 we visited her for a couple weeks

We've had sunshine all day! We had some folks leave this morning and we asked them to take the rain with them, apparently they did.
When we returned from Camping World it was time for happy hour. Marilyn and Ed were already outside enjoying the weather when we joined them. Ed fixed me a gin and tonic and I must say I enjoyed this refreshing cocktail! We split up just before 1800....Jim was getting hungry and Boo needed his dinner too.
A quick dinner of burgers and macaroni salad. I washed and Jim dried the dishes. We've showered and we've taken the feeders down. We're watching a DVD of England. Beautiful and breathtaking....