Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cold, rainy day

Brrrr! It got cold last night and we slept with the comforter. I slept ok but was warm throughout the night. I was up at 0548 this morning and turned on the fireplace to get the chill out. I made my coffee and was drinking it when the hummers came buzzing at the windows. So when I finished my coffee I fed the birds....
When I came in from that chore I made another cup of coffee. Something about cold weather makes me want more coffee!! Also had oatmeal for breakfast, good cold weather food. When Jim got up I told him it was jeans weather and we both ended up wearing socks.....

I have to mention here that Jim has been doing the dishes quite often for me and I really enjoy not having my hands in hot water several times a day. Thank you honey, I love you!
As you can see today was very overcast but I loved the clouds and mist on the mountains

I'd read that there was a free tour of a coffee roasting company so we went to check it out. Turned out it was a small coffee house but we learned a few things and discovered some good coffee. Perhaps we'll buy some when our current supply runs out.

This building is on Nevada and I liked the the old against the modern. I think the old building is a museum now. there are a lot of Victorian Houses on this street and I hope we go back on a sunny day to see them

After we left the Colorado Coffee Merchants we continued driving north on Nevada until we hit the interstate and headed to the Mall. We didn't shop just walked both levels and checked on some books and magazines in Borders.

Since we were so close to Whole Foods Market Jim stopped there to let me shop. I always manage to find something to buy! As a matter of fact, we both did....

When we got home Marilyn invited us over for drinks around the fire. I made myself coffee and Jim had beer.

Lovely fire... But we kept getting rained on! So we'd take our chairs under the awning, then back out by the fire when the rain stopped.

Marilyn! Watch out your foot is on fire! :)

Once the rain started for the second time we decided to head indoors. I fixed some pasta for dinner and I enjoyed some red wine with mine. I did the dishes this time....

It's in the upper 50's right now with a low of 55, guess we'll sleep with the comforter again!