Thursday, July 9, 2009

Manitou Springs and Seven Falls

Yesterday we headed into Manitou Springs to meet up with Marilyn and Ed for lunch at Adams Mountain Cafe.

They had some new friends they were showing the sights to and wanted us to meet them. When we arrived they were already seated and waiting for us. Teresa and Trent are new to rving and had flown to Colorado Springs to pick up their class c rig.
Marilyn and Teresa

Once everyone had gotten drinks we ordered lunch. Sandwiches for most but I had a Greek Salad

Yum! the restaurant uses fresh, local foods and the menu reflects that.

After lunch we headed over to D'Vine Wine in the same building for a wine tasting. We discovered this place last year and we weren't disappointed. New ownership but the same excellent service. I learned that Teresa and Trent really don't drink much so I hope we haven't corrupted them to much! :) We all purchased some wine. We left it to be picked up later as the guys wanted some ice cream.

We headed to Ed and Jim's favorite place where the guys bought ice cream and Teresa bough some chocolates. Marilyn and I refrained as we're watching our girlish figures! Teresa is younger and svelte!

We wandered into some shops but made no purchases. Finally we picked up our wine and split up to drive over to Seven Falls, located in South Cheyenne Canyon. The drive to the entrance is gorgeous, but we were taken aback at the price to enter. It is a privately owned, has been since 1881. We had a coupon and got the senior discount and still paid $16.00.

We parked near the restrooms and I found this sign confusing....I wonder if there are geysers under the toilets?

Jim took most of these pictures and as you can see the views are breathtaking

We took the elevator up to see the falls. Trent and Teresa walked up. There were signs stating how many steps to the top but I forgot to write it down! Same for the staircase to the top of the falls (no elevator there!). If you do climb to the top there are trails you can take.

Ed and Marilyn

The falls, can you see the staircase? Jim climbed a did Teresa and Trent. But it was very warm and after the lunch and wine.....well, no one wanted to climb to the top!

Teresa and Trent

The tree on the right is almost dead and stands outside the restrooms. It's quite tall and crooked...
We had fun watching the chipmunks and I saw at least two species. My pictures didn't turn out well. With the snack bar right at the base of the falls the little critters are quite tame. The feed machines state the food is for the fish but most everyone was feeding the chipmunks! And they sure knew how to look cute and beg :)
It was getting late and we headed home. But the fun wasn't over! We gathered at Marilyn and Ed's place for happy hour. Some us drank, some of us didn't. I brought over some antipasto and bread. Ed brought out some chips and salsa and we just had a good time talking!
Teresa and Trent are a nice couple and I hope we didn't scare them off from rving!
After we split up and came inside I showered and just relaxed the rest of the evening. Jim followed my example.
Because the bear had visited our site the night before, I thought it a good idea to take down all feeders at dusk. The bear did visit overnight, but not our site!