Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Yesterday Jim took me to the movies! We left after lunch and arrived in time to be seated for the 1230 showing of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. We both liked the movie and I can't wait for the next installment.

When we left the theater we headed to Whole Foods Market just a block away where I restrained myself and didn't buy the store out! Just picked up some veggies, soy creamer, a loaf of bread and sugar. I love that store!

Before we headed home we stopped on base, Fort Carson and picked up some groceries at the commissary. Once that chore was done we were homeward bound. Even though the day was overcast the scenery was gorgeous and I never tire of viewing it.

Once home I put away our purchases and started our dinner. We had shrimp scampi, Caesar salad and that bread from Whole Foods....a glass of wine and we were all set. As usual I ate to much!

After I did the dishes, I took my shower and for some reason I was exhausted! Not sure what came over me but I couldn't even watch TV without dozing off. So I went to bed around 2130. I did hear Jim come to bed but barely.

Slept all night and all is well....I guess all that grocery shopping wore me out! :)

Today has been a good day. Cool temperatures and housework. Laundry, ironing, baking (biscotti).

Jim managed to hike up the mountain...I watched my soaps.

We had happy hour with Marilyn and Ed. Jim was already there golfing with Ed on the Wii. It's always nice sitting out with our friends. We came back to our rig around 1630, though it felt later. My guys were hungry so they got fed!

Boo had his usual and for we humans I fixed turkey hot dogs, oven fries and raw veggies. I also mixed the marinade for out pork loin....

After I did the dishes I fixed myself some coffee. Then the rain started! Boy did we have a storm! Thunder and everything and it rained hard.

The temperature is in the 60's and I expect the lows tonight to be good for sleeping. We watched Torchwood again, it's a mini series on BBCA. Jim is playing a shooting game wearing his headphones and I'm watch an NCIS rerun......