Monday, July 27, 2009

Lazy Sunday and a Hail Storm!

Yesterday was a lazy day for me. I didn't do very much. Jim slept until a quarter of 10 so I left the bed making for him.

We had Ed's Onion Soup for lunch and I made some grilled ham sandwiches. The weather was perfect for our alfresco meal.

grilled ham sandwich
Jim and Marilyn waiting for Ed while I take pictures

Look at that yummy soup! I skipped the cheese but it sure looked good.

Marilyn with stringy cheese!

Ed enjoying his sandwich, I hope...

We all enjoyed our meal and we were stuffed. Marilyn had dessert but we opted to have it later during happy hour.
Back home I cleaned up the kitchen and did the dishes while Jim played games with Ed. Those two are becoming better at Wii games and you should hear them...I tried to nap but Boo kept jumping off the bed and checking out the noisy guys! OK, I can take a hint. no nap for me. I read my book for awhile.
Jim came home and shortly afterwards the rain happy hour, no dessert :(
During lunch we were discussing food and potato soup was mentioned. That was just the ticket for dinner, it's raining and chilly, hot soup sounded great! so that's what I made for our dinner.
I watched Design star and Merlin. We both played games on the computer. In bed at our usual time.
I was up at 0630 this morning. I set out the bird feeders and after I did a few exercises I settled in with my coffee and reading emails. Jim was up at 0800 and after breakfast I got busy making the bed and doing the dishes. I also threw a load of clothes in the washer.
We walked the trash and recyclables down and when we returned we joined Marilyn and Ed. We just sat out enjoying the sunny weather and chatting. Even Boo found the conversation stimulating, see how attentive he is? He's also looking a bit shabby....
Jim and I returned home and got our act together so we could go to the base for lunch and groceries. I swear the older we get the more stuff we need to cart around! Water bottles, my coupons, purse, wallet, keys etc, etc, etc.
I had tacos for lunch while Jim had a quesadilla and a taco. Not as good as Taco Bell but tasty nonetheless.. Then we priced a couple items in the PX, bought some hand sanitizer and left. I had a list for the commissary and we got the items and left quickly....
Back home I put the groceries away and settled in to watch my soaps and read. Jim and Ed had another play date :) Around 1630 I took Boo out to watch they guys play golf on the Wii. Marilyn came out to keep me company. When the guys finished their game of golf we got happy! Jim brought some wine for three of us while Ed opted for gin and tonic. Jim wanted his missed dessert from yesterday so Marilyn fixed him cake and whipped cream. Just before 1800 we left these fun people and headed home.
The dark clouds we saw forming over our mountain got darker and before long it was hailing! I can't remember the last hail storm I was in. sure made quite a racket on our roof. I grabbed my camera and here are some pictures of our hail

Patio mat with pea sized hail

The storm was quite heavy for a few minutes

The hail slid off the awning and made this pile by the solar light

the Christmas cactus with ice...
My herb pot had a nice pile of hail too
Just as quickly as the storm started, it quit. It sure cooled the day off. And as always after a rain it smelled wonderful. Around sunset it started sprinkling and as I type this I can hear thunder off in the distance. The temperature is in the mid 60's and I'm a happy camper.

this lone piece of hail was bigger than a pea.....