Thursday, July 23, 2009


Today we headed into Colorado Springs to run errands. Before we even got to highway 115 Jim got two voice messages, one was about his camera lens. We had to turn around and get his camera. Our first stop was the post office on Base so I could mail a book. Then PetSmart to pick up a bag of dry food for Boo. He was completely out! While I ran in Jim stayed in the truck to make phone calls. Our signal on the mountain is spotty most of the time.

Then we headed to the Ford place to order a hub cap. This took quite some time and while he was inside ordering it I called my friend Anne. I rarely make phone calls so she was surprised! It sure was nice to hear her voice.

By the time Jim got the part ordered I was getting hungry so we headed to a Mexican restaurant only to discover it wasn't open for lunch. Plan B! We have an entertainment book with coupons so Jim picked another restaurant and put the address in the GPS.

We found Rocco's with no problem. It's a small diner in a strip mall.

Jim had tea and I had a beer....
This is Jim's lunch and it had meatballs or sausage inside. the red sauce was good!

I had a huge salad! Nicoise was what the menu said but it wasn't really. It was tasty and I ate most of it leaving lettuce on my plate.

We shared a creme brule for dessert......
Then it was off to the camera store. Driving on Academy we passed a filling station that has diesel fuel for $2.37 so we turn into a sub-division to turn around and get to drive around tying to find our way out. Finally found the main road and got back on Academy heading the other way. Found the station and proceeded to fill er up! We only needed half a tank so that was good.

On to the camera store to pick up the lens. It works! While there I was looking at digital cameras. they sure have some pretty ones. And small!
We left the camera store and decided we'd had enough of shopping so Jim pointed us in the direction of the interstate but first we made a stop at Target. They had Starbucks coffee for $7 a bag and if you bought 3 they would give us a $5 gift card. So we did! While there we looked a digital cameras to see what they had.

Finally we are on I-25 heading towards home. All around we can see clouds, some dark. We even passed through some sprinkles here and there.
Cheyenne Mountain....
We got home and unloaded our purchases, which weren't many. Marilyn and Ed were out,heading down to the office to call their daughter. We chatted for a bit.
Once inside we just changed clothes and relaxed a bit. I gave Boo a bath. Sometime after 1600 I headed outside to read. Jim joined me for a bit and I decided to trim Boo's face

Now you can see his eyes better.
It clouded up and looked like rain so we headed in just before 1730. Boo had his dinner and ate every morsel.....I had a cup of coffee and a sandwich. The clouds went away, the sun came out and I took this picture of a Rufous hummingbird with my camera.

Shooting through the window can be tricky with the flash and I took 6 pictures, this was the first shot and it was the best one. It still doesn't show the true color of this lovely bird.
We watched Torchwood and I've had the Travel Channel on. Now it's time for bed......