Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nothing New

First off I want to thank each and every one of you who read this blog. I can't imagine why you do but I am humbled by the thought that complete strangers want to read about our life on the road.

The Past couple days we've just stayed home. Tuesday we did head out to the Olive Garden and had lunch with our friends Marilyn and Ed. It was great! We all had soup and salad with some spirited drinks :) Jim and I also had a plate of mussels, one of our favorites. Spending time with Marilyn and Ed is always fun.

Yesterday was a wee bit chilly and I did want to go down to Canon City but after lunch the weather just kept getting worse. So we stayed in and read our books. I did watch my soaps.

We had burgers that Jim grilled outside and I made a macaroni salad for our dinner. Light rain kept falling and it was just nicer indoors.

Last night we slept with the comforter because the forecast called for temperatures in the 50's. Well I was up at 0548 this morning and it was in the 40's outside. Sure felt good sleeping under the comforter!

Today's forecast is more rain and gloomy skies. Our high will be in the middle 60's if were lucky. As I type this it's 50 degrees outside and I have the fireplace on!

I hope your weather is warmer than ours!