Friday, July 10, 2009

Laid Back Day

Yesterday we didn't go anywhere! Jim spent some time helping Ed with a problem but I stayed home. In the morning I did a load of laundry after doing the morning chores of dishes and bed making. Then I sat outside and read my Glastonbury book.

Around 1100 I came in and fixed some tacos for lunch, then cleaned up that mess. Puttered around on the computer most of the afternoon while I watched my soaps. Jim took a nap!

Had afternoon coffee with a biscotti after I posted my blog. Once the soaps were over I took my tea and went outside to read. It was a bit warm but if you didn't move it was ok.

Not sure what time it was when Teresa and Trent came by bearing wine and chocolate! Yesterday Teresa bought the chocolates and didn't eat them! She shared them with all of us, what a gal! Ed and Marilyn joined us under our awning for happy hour.

We had a little rain but not enough to chase us indoors. Then the sun came out and we had to shift positions to get out of the sun! The fun ended around 1830, we all headed indoors for the evening.

Jim has shows he likes to watch on Thursday evening so we showered and watched TV. Didn't do anything for dinner. Jim had toast and I had popcorn.

At dusk I took down all the feeders except the one in the tree. Guess I should have gotten Jim to take it down as it was on the ground this morning. We had deer come through during the night. Perhaps more critters, as Boo kept waking us all night long with his barking! I'm glad he's taking care to warn us, but I'd rather sleep peacefully as I'm sure Jim would.