Monday, July 13, 2009

Teresa and Trent

I know I'm behind but we've been having so much fun with Teresa and Trent that I was just too tired to blog! We went to Jorge's (formerly Henri's) and the food and drinks haven't changed. The margarita's were as tasty and potent as we remembered.

Jim looking Good!
Ed working on the second margarita. We each had one but ordered two extra to share

Marilyn wanting to make that second drink last longer!
We drove the Phantom Canyon's a dirt road not much wider than our truck. The views were spectacular and Teresa took a gazillion pictures....and I think Marilyn tried to from the back seat.
We made a stop and I took a few shots of the flowers and surrounding area.

We drove all the way to Cripple Creek where we had a picnic lunch in the city park. We each brought sandwiches and something to share. No one went hungry!

Cripple Creek
Yesterday we went to the Gooseberry Patch in Penrose, south of here for lunch. Everyone had the buffet while I ordered grilled Halibut. This restaurant has some interesting pies which we all ordered. Marilyn and I split a rhubarb pie, with no ice cream while the rest of our party had gooseberry pie with ice cream....When we left we were stuffed!
Jim and I napped once we got home.....
Happy hour (1600) was our last one together. We had margaritas again and some finger foods to nibble on. No one was ready to say goodbye so we just sat out until it got dark. Ed put a log in the fire pit and we sat around the fire talking until 2130 or so.
Marilyn, pretty in pink

Ed was bored? Nah, he just wanted to post his blog for his loyal readers. Not sure he ever got a connection to the internet....

Trent and Teresa. we will miss you!

This morning I did laundry and Jim puttered around a bit. Things are getting back to normal. Just after 1100 Teresa and Trent pulled up in their rig to say goodbye. We've enjoyed getting to know this couple and I hope we see them again in our travels.
After lunch Jim and I went to the base to get groceries, once home I put everything away and even managed to watch one of my soaps.
no happy hour today! For dinner I fixed some potatoes and smoked sausage. Jim did the dishes and then we sat outside with a glass of wine and watched the birds. We came indoors just before 2000 after putting all of our feeders away.
Around 2030 Jim saw the bear at the Drays hummingbird feeder! We tried to get outside to take a picture but weren't fast enough and Boo was barking too.
Now we're both on our computers passing the time. It's been a beautiful day here at Mountaindale......