Sunday, July 19, 2009


Yesterday was a wonderful day! For several days we had plans to go into Old Colorado City and have lunch at Pizzaria Rustica. We went with Marilyn and Ed who did the driving. Being a Saturday parking was not abundant! But Ed found a spot and no meter was involved.

Despite the fact that we didn't have reservations we were seated quickly. It was early, just after they opened. The four of us split an antipasto plate with salamis, olives, polenta, bread, lentils and cheese. It was tasty and just right for us. I had Chianti while the rest had iced tea.

Each couple split a pizza which was served with a small bowl of olive oil for dipping your crust in. No pizza went uneaten! :) Marilyn and Ed split a dessert of vanilla gelato with cherries and chocolate frangelico sauce. Jim also had one of these. I opted for the lemon sorbet.

We came back and just chilled for the rest of the afternoon. Jim took a little nap and I had a 30 minute snooze on the lounger. Time for coffee!

I think we turned on the TV, but I didn't see anything I wanted to watch. I think Jim found a movie to check out. I took my book and went outside, Jim followed a short time later. I finished reading Glastonbury! Some of you many know this but I've been reading this book for years!

By this time Boo was wanting his dinner so I fed him and once he finished we wandered next door to chat with Marilyn and Ed. They had been bowling on their Wii and Marilyn scored better than Ed!

The hummers were having a feeding frenzy at our window feeders! as many as 6 were lined up waiting for their turn. Fun to watch.

We didn't stay long and retired to our little abode. We spent a quiet evening watching TV and playing games on our puters. In bed shortly after 2200....exciting life we live! But I love it!!!