Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lunch with Friends

I slept in was almost 0800 when I got up and it was chilly! Mid 50's outside and 61 degrees inside. I turned on our fireplace just to take the chill off.

First order of business was to get the bird feeders out. Did that job quickly because it was chilly outside. Back inside I fixed my coffee and thoroughly enjoyed it. Nothing like a good cup of coffee first thing in the morning.

After the morning chores of dishes and bed making I started working on our lunch. The pork loin had been marinating in the fridge overnight and was ready to cook. I checked with Marilyn to see what our menu was and she was fixing some lima beans. We also decided to eat at their site because they have more shade. I fixed a small tomato salad and sliced bread with olive oil dip. Jim started cooking the pork at 1100.

flowers behind our rig. they look better in person!
I love the silvery green of this plant
Ed marinated some shrimp in a tequila lime spice and grilled them for our dinner. We all enjoyed them! We forgot to take pictures before we started eating. Our table was in dappled sunlight and with the breeze it was quite lovely. But as you can see we we're all enjoying our meal!

Ed and Marilyn

Marilyn and Jim, Ed on the extreme left

My sweetie reaching for more shrimp!

Yours truly, Ed graciously took my picture so I wouldn't be left out.
For some reason the bugs were atrocious! So once our meal was finished we couldn't sit out very long. So we gathered our dishes and retreated inside. Jim did the dishes and I am most grateful! Once he finished he took a nap...he deserved it as he didn't sleep well last night.
I watched my soaps, started reading a new book and snoozed on the lounger.
When Jim got up I fixed myself some coffee. Around 1700 I thought being outside would be good. Took my book and some iced water and sat outside. Jim also grabbed his book and joined me. Before to long Ed and Marilyn came out and we all chatted for a bit enjoying the breeze and cooler temperatures.
A bird smashed into our window and I sat outside with it while it recovered. Ever so nice to see it fly off...
Leftovers for our dinner, must clean out the refrigerator! We watched Torchwood and now I'm watching NCIS.
Now that the sun has gone down the temperature is dropping, it feels great. I love the cooler nights here.