Saturday, July 4, 2009


For some reason I could not post the pictures last night! So to continue with the story, Jim had gone to shower when he says 'deer'! So I grab the camera and dash outside, in my jammies, to take pictures. I sure am glad we're at the top of the campground and not many people could see me!

These aren't the greatest pictures but I'm sure the deer will be back.
The rest of the evening was quite tame, some TV, some computer and then bed.
Yesterday I managed to sleep until 0700 and I got Jim up at 0800. We decided to make a run into Colorado Springs. We needed bird seed and I wanted to go to Whole Foods. After lunch we headed into town. We took Academy and I think we both remembered the area. Noting cross streets and points of interest. Soon we had our bearings!
We found the Wild Bird Store and picked up the seed for the birds. Then we drove a bit farther and found Whole Foods and I picked up what I needed. Then Jim turned on the GPS, he was looking for a camera store. Apparently it no longer is in business because we never did find it.
But in our travels we came across another shop and he dropped off his lens to be repaired. Another stop at REI and then we headed home. I was getting hungry!