Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mountaindale Cabins and RV Resort

Yesterday we left Lamar at 0800! I think that's the earliest we've ever gotten on the road. Highway 50 is a delight to drive, except for the feed lots....

Our trip was uneventful and we ended up driving straight through to Mountaindale RV Park, We stayed here last year and met Marilyn and Ed Dray who are our neighbors this year. When we drove through Pueblo I thought of Ginger and Jesse who are in upstate New York. We met them through Marilyn and Ed.

As we we driving north on Highway 115 our mountains came into view. Almost there!
Can't say for certain, but this could be the mountain the rv park is on.
After arriving we exchanged hugs with the Drays and got busy setting up and eating lunch. I was starved having only a granola bar for breakfast. Once we got the basics done we sat outside with our friends and did some catching up.

Ed Dray

Jim paying close attention! That's Boo on his lap

Marilyn checking out the front range breweries.

After a bit Jim decided to set up our patio. He and Ed got a good start, it still needs the screens

Jim relaxing after dinner. We had a summer shower come through and it cooled down. dinner was sloppy joes.

Some of the hillside behind our rig

Pretty purple flowers.

I wonder what this looks like when it blooms?

Some cactus in bloom
We spent a quiet evening inside. Not much to watch on TV. Jim went to bed early and I followed at 2200. The altitude here is around 6800 feet. After our walk we found out we're out of shape!
Jim was up at 0600 this morning and I managed to stay in bed until 0700. We tried to sleep with the windows open last night but Boo didn't care for that idea. He barked at anything that moved and kept waking us up. I don't know what time Jim shut the windows and turned on the AC but it wasn't long before I was fast asleep!
We headed over to Ft Carson this morning to get a base sticker and some groceries. We had lunch, bought our groceries and headed home. This activity apparently exhausted us because we both took a nap!
The skies are overcast and that helps keep it cooler. Our temperature is 79 and the humidity is in the upper 20's.