Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wonderful Day!

Yesterday I was up at 0645 and first thing every morning I set out my bird feeders. The hummingbirds are especially glad to see me, buzzing me as I get the feeders on the window.

this picture isn't the greatest of the red squirrel but he was a new visitor to the site. It was fun watching him. I just hope he doesn't make a habit of it.

Laundry was my chore of the day. Marilyn too! Even Jim got in on the act after he cleaned on the rig in the morning before it got to hot.
I was able to catch Ed cleaning on his rig too!
I sat outside in the morning reading my book, I think I may actually finish it while we're here.
The early afternoon I spent indoors, tried to take a nap but Boo wasn't very co-operative. So I watched my soaps and spent time on the computer catching up on emails. Jim sat outside reading for awhile until he got to hot.
We spent happy hour with the Drays but Marilyn and I didn't get as happy as the guys! No matter we always have a good time chatting and telling stories. We split up around 1730 and headed indoors for dinner. We had beans and rice. One of our favorites!
As I finished up eating I saw Boo keeping an eye on me so I snapped this picture of him...I just love that face!
TV watching included Eureka on the SyFy channel. Then we watched Knowing with Nicholas Cage, a Netflix movie. If you've not seen it you should. It's pretty good!
I slept very well last night. When I got up this morning at 0700 if was 55 degrees outside and I thought of the green chile stew (I hope that's right) that Ed is going to make!