Friday, July 3, 2009

Grocery Shopping

I love to shop for groceries. I don't like putting the purchases away! But that's what I did when we got home yesterday. Got that all squared away. Gave Boo his snacks. Changed clothes and decided that coffee with a biscotti would be excellent

So after I caught up on the blog yesterday, I made myself some coffee and took myself outside to enjoy it and work on my coupons. I got all settled and From across the way I hear "are you ready for margaritas?". Well sure we are!

I did get my coupon file cleared out of expired coupons. Drank my coffee with a biscotti and then I was ready for margaritas.

Marilyn and Ed brought over ice and the mix and we enjoyed a happy hour with our friends. Boy were the drinks good! need the recipe for those.....

After we drank all the margaritas we split up and came inside. Dinner was the last thing on my mind. But awhile later Jim had to have something so he finished up the sloppy joes. I showered and then the deer came be continued!