Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mountaindale Cabins and RV Resort

I thought I'd post some pictures of our surroundings. Even though it's July spring is still in the air here. I guess it's the elevation, but there are a lot of things blooming and the pine trees are budding out.

these flowers are planted here at the campground. Well I guess the cactus aren't planted they're part of the natural surroundings.

Can you see our rig? up there, between the trees. Our site is nice, we could use more shade during the afternoon but it's peaceful and we like it. We aren't putting the screen on because we want to see the birds. If we did put the screen on we'd have shade

Yesterday we drove to Old Colorado City. Small area with some nifty shops and restaurants. These pictures are of the views we have to endure while we drive there! Or anywhere north of our campground. Highway 115 is our link to the Army Base, Colorado Springs and points north.

Can you believe we have to see this every time we head out? :) I don't think I'll ever get tired of it. I love being here in the mountains. I think it's greener this year than last

This area of the Rockies is called the front range. As we get closer to Colorado Springs you can look east and the land levels out. But to the west are mountains and beautiful vistas. It just soothes my soul and it's as if time stands still while we're here.

Lunch was on our minds when we headed out and we were pleased to see our favorite Pizza Restaurant was open for lunch! Pizzeria Rustica, has some of the best pizza we've had in our travels.

We started with a small Antipasto, Jim had a Peach Bellini and I had Chianti. Our pizza was the Rustica and we liked it but not enough to order it again. I think Jim was put off by the arugula! I had lemon sorbet for dessert. I must say we enjoyed every bite and I can't wait until we can go back!
We stopped for some groceries on the way home. Once we got home we were ready for a nap. Jim laid down immediately and I followed within 30 minutes.
We spent our evening indoors watching TV. We were in bed shortly after 2200 and I had trouble going to sleep, guess my nap was to long!
During the night we had a visitor. Boo made a fuss but I didn't even get out of bed. Guess I should have, a bear decided to make a meal of our suet, peanuts and bird seed. Smashed the peanut feeder beyond repair. I think we can use the suet feeder again, but not dusk tonight I took down all our feeders, even the window feeders. Don't really want to tempt a bear to drink from them! Can you imagine having a bear scratching at your window? :)
We had a full afternoon today but that will have to wait for another day......