Monday, July 6, 2009

relaxing day

Yesterday my morning started around 0645, when I awoke my brain went into gear and I remembered I needed to be up to make sausage, biscuits and gravy. No snoozing allowed! So I got up, made my coffee and turned on the computer. Checked my emails and just enjoyed the sounds of the birds.

Jim got up (with some prompting) around 0715, since it was chilly he donned jeans and shoes with socks. Once properly clad he braved the chilly outdoors to cook the sausage. Of course he had his coffee to keep him warm! I then got dressed and washed my face so I wouldn't scare our guests!

I had to bake the biscuits in two batches and by the time the second batch was halfway done the table was set and the Drays had arrived with their offerings. Marilyn made a fruit salad that was yummy, see pictures over at the Happy Wanderers site the link is on the left side. They also brought the tableware and juice. I think everyone enjoyed the breakfast! Again the setting and the friends made it most enjoyable.

After breakfast we tidied up and went back to our computers to check the blogs of friends. I also turned on Wimbledon to watch the men's final. That 5th set was a long one but Roger Federer finally broke Andy Roddick to win 16/14 I think. Since I had to tell someone I went outside to find Jim next door chatting with Ed and Marilyn.

I sat there for a bit and we began to discuss book, authors and swapping books. Even though the day was sunny and I was in shorts, I found it was chilly so I headed indoors. We did swap books so we spent most of the afternoon reading.

It was a rainy afternoon with small showers coming through making the temperature drop into the 60's. Then the sun would come out again and the temperature would go up into the mid 70's. Good day to stay indoors to read and watch TV. We ate some leftovers for lunch.

Just as I was contemplating dinner Marilyn brought over a bowl of popcorn, thanks Marilyn! I didn't have to cook dinner!

I know I watched some HGTV before going to bed at 2200. The past couple of nights I've slept very well with the temperatures dropping into the 50's. This setting, the pine trees and the birds make it heavenly for me.