Sunday, August 29, 2010

Well it’s a good thing I posted the blog early yesterday. Around 1800 last night I noticed I wasn’t online and for some reason our internet didn’t come back. I’m not sure when the wind died down but it was before sunset. That was nice, I was tired of it!

We had a nice dinner with leftover BBQ, potato salad and beets. After showering I did the dishes. We spent the evening watching the clouds move across the sky, we even heard thunder earlier. But no rain.

We watched another John Wayne movie, Hondo. Then changed channels…watched part of the Giants football game, then No Impact Man on Planet Green. The show is about giving up a LOT of the niceties of life. I’m totally onboard with eating locally and seasonally. But giving up all forms of paper doesn’t appeal to me. I like toilet tissue. I think we can all do more to reduce, reuse and recycle.

I worked on my afghan, it’s almost finished and I hope I can get it done before we hit warmer weather.

We had a decent sunset

We left Raton Pass around 0930 this morning. The weather was gorgeous with no hint of rain or storms. The drive was boring as all get out! I did see some antelope on a couple occasions but it was mostly range land with cows.

We stopped for a Subway sandwich in Clayton, New Mexico and while we were in the parking lot two other rigs pulled in. I do have to say the parking lot was huge for a Subway shop!

Once we crossed into Texas the views did change….to scrub lands. Saw a few cornfields but mostly scrub lands. And oil wells!

It was 89 degrees when we pulled into Oasis RV Resort and WINDY! What is it about Texas and wind? We’re staying for a week and we’re paying $100, well worth it. I hope we can get the washing machine fixed.

We took less than an hour to set up and both of us enjoyed a cold beer. Then Jim took nap while I got caught up on the computer and started a new book. I finished my sandwich from lunch and had a cup of coffee. After Jim got up I took a load of laundry over to be washed but the washers were busy.

Jim has showered and I’m waiting on my laundry to get done. I’m looking forward to washing my hair. After the winds of yesterday and today it feels gritty.