Monday, August 30, 2010


My day started at 0720 with 68 degrees of temperature outside and a pretty sunrise. The wind is just a gentle breeze, much better than the gusting to 30 mph we had last night. Neither one of us slept well, Boo was bothered by something and woke us several times with his barking.

After Jim got up I stripped the bed and walked the sheets over to be washed. Alas all four machines were being used. Walked back home and did the dishes. Saw another lady turn back with her load so I headed back quickly! Second time’s a charm; I finally have the sheets washing in the 50 cent machine here at Oasis RV Resort. It sprinkled on me so I’m glad we’re just a stones throw from the laundry.

Jim made an appointment for the onsite RV repairman to come Thursday to look at the wash machine. Hopefully it’s an easy fix. When he came home he pumped up the tires on the trikes, hopefully we can get some riding in while here. He did go for a ride but it was to windy for me.

After lunch I continued reading my book and watching my soaps. Made the bed, did dishes and set the chicken to marinating. Jim kept coming and going, I’ve no idea what he was doing outside. The wind has picked up and it’s blowing again. We have clouds but so far no rain.

For dinner I grilled some chicken thighs on the Forman Grill, it was to windy outside to cook them. Along with the chicken we had mashed potatoes and a carrot lima bean dish. After dinner Jim headed over to the hot tub and I did the dishes.