Saturday, August 7, 2010

This and That

Yesterday I needed to make a trip to the post office to mail a couple things so after lunch we headed out and managed to find a post office. Then it was off to Sam's Club where we kept our purchases to a minimum.

Across the street we went to Best Buy (nope, didn't buy anything) then next door to Bed Bath and Beyond.....there we did buy some items. A few small things and a big coffee pot! So far we both like it. It takes the pods but also has a filter so you can use your own coffee. Makes mine just fine.

Back home I made some beef stew for dinner, washed all the components of the coffee pot and then we sampled some of the coffee that came with the coffee maker. It makes 4 oz, 8 oz and 12 oz cups of tea or coffee. You can also just use the hot water for other beverages.

By the time I sat down to drink my coffee I think Boo was getting bored or tired of being ignored. I was playing with my camera so I took his picture

Didn't do much of anything after dinner, TV, reading, computing and for me a bit of crocheting. I guess I should take a picture of the baby blanket I'm making and show it to y'all.

This morning we slowly got ready for our drive to Cheyenne and we were on the road by 0945 as far as I can recall. The views on I-25 weren't all that inviting as we left town
The high plains are brownish, grassy pastures. We didn't see any wildlife and really not that many cows either.

the further south we headed the terrain got a bit higher and rocky

but still a lot of fenced in scrubby pastures.

Then it started greening up! But first we stopped so I could walk around a bit and stretch. Not sure where I got it but when I grabbed my left ankle to stretch, my hand got some oil on it. Then I noticed my other ankle had oil too. I must have picked it up somewhere before we left the campground. It was obvious that when I crossed my ankles both of them got oiled! So while I was cleaning up Jim noticed our awning was coming unwound. So he got out the ladder and some zip ties and snugged it up with me holding the ladder.
While Jim cleaned up I fixed us some lunch and we relaxed a bit before getting on the road again.

some of the rocks are really interesting and I'm having fun zooming in, focusing and taking pictures from a moving truck.

Hopefully I'll get better as time goes by<<

I think we arrived around 1400 At Warren AFB just outside of Cheyenne. Once on base we saw some Canadian Geese wandering all over some grassy areas. Then we started seeing antelope, lots and lots of them!

It was amazing to see so many of them. Probably 2 dozen or so. We made it to the Fam Camp, checked in and set up. We have no TV but internet is just fine. We're here for 2 nights so I think we'll live without TV.
Our dinner was this and that. Jim finished off the beef stew and I steamed some green beans, chopped up a tomato and dished up some artichoke hearts for my dinner. After the dishes were done we took Boo for a walk and I found some critters to take pictures of.

this little bunny rabbit poked his head up just in time

train track runs right by and this was a a quick snap....I zoomed to much but the engine did fill the frame

By the office this mom and her twins we munching on the grass, all three of them kept an eye on us but didn't seem to be to concerned as we got closer.

What ever you did today I hope you enjoyed it.
Suite Dreams!