Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back to normal

Whatever that is! Slept very well last night and tried to sleep later this morning but I was up at 0715 and it was cloudy outside so it's a good thing we went to Yellowstone yesterday!

After a breakfast of pancakes and sausage we got busy. Me inside doing dishes and stripping the bed and remaking it. Jim outside cleaning on the rig and truck.

I've got a lot of pictures to share with you. When you leave Yellowstone via the East Entrance you enter the Shoshone National Forest and the Absaroka Mountains. It is gorgeous! There are quite a few campgrounds along the North Fork of the Shoshone River. We didn't check them out and I'm not sure of the amenities. Through the trees you can see campers but I couldn't tell what size.
The rock formations are awesome and they come in various colors.

Some are worn away by wind and water and not much grows on them

Once you exit the National Forest the land spreads out into rolling hills with house and horse ranches dotting the hillsides. Truly lovely.

We've been staying at the Yellowstone Valley Inn and RV park. It's a Passport America campground and the price is ok. It's all gravel here so Jim isn't crazy about it because of dust, but I haven't seen much dust because we've been away!
These are the surrounding views. This valley is dry and the green is from irrigation

Can't imagine what the wind is like up there!

The Shoshone River runs right by the north side of the campground.
The highway to Cody is east of here and we discovered The Buffalo Bill State Park. I know for sure this campground can take big rigs. We saw them in the campground right on the Buffalo Bill Reservoir. Again, I don't know what amenities they have. But I'd stay there! At least some of the sites are lakeside.
Just beyond the state park is the dam. The tunnels are fun to traverse....right through the rocks. Not to far and you're in Cody. We need to come back to visit this town, it looks interesting to us.
I watched all my soaps today...haven't seen them in awhile. I also read some magazines. You know all those normal things when you aren't playing tourist.
Tomorrow we move on.