Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 2 of Yellowstone NP

Since we're leaving the area on Wednesday we decided to spend our Anniversary in Yellowstone today. Even though yesterday was a long day of driving we slept well last night and we both felt we could handle another long day of driving. Besides we can rest up tomorrow!

We packed a lunch and headed out around 1030. While driving north through the Shoshone National Forest we stopped and took this picture of the moon

The Absaroka Mountains and Shoshone National Forest are simply gorgeous and I've enjoyed traveling through them to reach the East entrance to Yellowstone. I've more pictures that I'll share tomorrow.
these flowers were everywhere in the park

Kepler Cascades

Old Faithful before

and after!

We drove through Hayden Valley again where we saw the Bison yesterday. About two hours later than yesterday and the herds were further away from the road Only a few of the males were munching and posing

sometimes it looks like they're posing!

this big guy looks like the one we saw yesterday off by himself, we both commented on his light color thinking maybe he's an older bison. Well today he was holding up traffic and posing for the camera

mighty impressive up close! This was taken from the truck window and he was only on the other side of the rode

The Teton mountains as seen across Yellowstone Lake from Lake Butte. Another National Park we need to visit!
I had a wonderful day with my husband of 36 years. I'm not sure how I got so lucky when he picked me but I'm glad he did and I said yes. Thank you my love for so many wonderful years. I love you!