Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lunch at Sanford's Grub and Pub

Have you ever eaten here? The decor is out of this world!
It must cost a small fortune to decorate they way they do and there is more than one. Check it out
The outside has large and small decorative elements, Daffy on the left

and Bugs on the right

Inside is just mind boggling. As we were waiting for our table this is what I looked up at

left of there. see the gas pumps? they're everywhere and of every age

one of the waiting seats

after we were seated this was what I saw

My Cajun Cobb Salad

Jim had a cheeseburger, a whopping 1/2 pound of sirloin
The food was good and we could not finish our meals and it was a pub so we both had a draft beer.
After lunch we went to Staples where we picked up a new Canon camera for me! Hopefully my pictures will get better....
Did some looking around in a sporting goods store then went to Safeway for fuel, $2.86 for diesel. Back home we had some coffee and played with the camera