Monday, November 9, 2009

What can I say?

I was up before 0700 and not 10 minutes later Jim was up! Will wonders never cease? :) Monday is our day for the gardeners to cut the grass, but they never showed up! Jim moved the kayak so it wouldn't be in the way and I moved my pot so they wouldn't get whacked.

After I had my coffee I went for a walk. Two days in a row.....When I got back I had breakfast and had time to make the bed before I left with Anne to get some groceries. We stopped by Michael's first to pick up some shirts, more on that when they're finished.

Then we stopped at the Family Christian Store where Anne bought an advent calendar for the grandchildren and I found a couple of gift items. Then we hit HEB. Have I ever mentioned that I love that store? It's almost as good as a Whole Foods Store! We made our purchases and got home after 1400! Where does the time go?

I settled in to watch my soaps and to work on the computer. Jim played some golf then he came inside to play games on his computer. You see Scotty was helping Vern with a slide problem. Anne needed my input on the shirt design so I went next door and Jim decided to join Scotty an Vern.

While I was next door Dan stopped by and a party was started! Well we three said it would be a good thing! He and Amy would bring the tequila and mix for margaritas. I went home and had something to eat. Jim called me and asked 'was there a party'? Could he and Scotty come? And by the way they'd bring Pat and Vern! Thus a party was born! We all brought something to snack on and we had a good time. We all headed home around 1930

WHAT? I missed some of Dancing with the Stars! That's what I'm watching right now. Jim has showered and he's playing games after posting on Facebook, h says he's going to keep checking on it. We'll see.

As each day passes, more and more Winter Texans can be seen here at Bentsen Palms. Soon the RGV will be filled with folks fleeing cold weather! We even got our Activity Calender today.

I hope Ida remains a tropical storm! A lot of rain can be a good thing but it can also be messy. Our weather today was overcast and rain threatened all day but we never got any.