Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Not so hot today

Our temperatures have been lower today. Sleeping last night was great! I managed to sleep until 0720! :) Jim was up a little later and we had Cream of Wheat for breakfast, he also had toast.

Last night we went out for dinner with Anne and Scotty. Logan's Roadhouse, they have a meal deal, two entrees, plus two sides each, for $13.99, Monday and Tuesday. They had water, I had beer. They had beef, I had salmon. They had potatoes in one form or another and I had mushrooms (I did want a sweet potato, but they were out). Anne and I had salads, Scotty had grilled veggies and Jim had macaroni and cheese. Logan's also have 3 cute little dessert served in tiny buckets for $5 so we ordered them. We had a good time!

I made some chicken and dumplings for our lunch today, it tasted so good we finished it off for dinner.

We got a big box of magazines and catalogs from Sonsearae today. I love getting mail. When we had a sticks and bricks I looked forward to mail everyday and was disappointed on occasion when I didn't get any. Now days and days go by with no mail :(

We joined Anne and Scotty for Greek pizza and wine tonight. Of course we had fun, that goes without saying. We really enjoy spending time with them.

Did you see Dancing with the Stars? I'm so glad Kelly didn't go home. I guess Donnie has a large fan base because I don't think he should have stayed. Next week should be very interesting!

Looks like it will be a great night for sleeping. It's already 53 outside!