Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It’s Jim’s Turn

Linda has been hinting that I should do a blog entry every now and then, just to give her a break. Of course, anyone who knows me also knows that I don’t take hints very well, so it’s only been about a year since she first suggested it!

As Linda mentioned in her blog yesterday we went to Progresso to see the dentist. The main reason for the visit was to have my lower denture repaired (I broke a tooth out of it). Being the forgetful type I left the broken denture on our dining room table so we’ll be going back this Friday. Getting old is so much fun—especially developing a terminal case of CRS (can’t remember &%$#).

My honey was up early today and woke me promptly at 0800 as I always request. I promptly got up at 0900 as usual. Why I ask her to wake me at 0800 is anybody’s guess; maybe one day I’ll actually get up then.

I had a nice breakfast of oatmeal with toasted walnuts with my coffee while perusing my e-mail and all the blogs I like to keep up with.

It’s truly amazing how easy it is to keep up with old friends, new friends, cyber friends, and friends to be through blogging. It’s kind of funny in a way: we spent 2 months this summer in Colorado with Ed and Marilyn. We were parked right next to each other and spent most of our days together, yet we each continued to read each other’s blogs. It was kind of like déjà vu—all over again. They’d talk about us and we’d talk about them. Maybe we just like seeing our names in print! We have met and come to love so many fellow rv’ers that it just boggles the mind.

Linda has gone up to our little garden plot to get her tomato plants and some seeds in the ground. She’s back already, that certainly didn’t take long. She stopped at Amy and Dan’s rig on the way back and got to see Amy’s new Catrike Pocket cover—a grill cover from Lowe’s. Linda tried it on her trike and it fit perfectly. I think they’re less than $17.00 apiece which is a whole lot less than the $40.00 for a trike cover from a manufacturer. Can’t help it if I’m cheap! As Linda says: Cheap is good.

Looks like Linda and Anne are making a Wally World run (Linda hates Wal-Mart) and stopping by Lowe’s (are women even allowed in Lowe’s?) to pick up the covers for our trikes.

Hot dang! Vern just stopped by on his way to the dumpster to see if I wanted any of the throw rugs he was getting rid of. Two were pretty torn up so I passed on them, but the other two are in great shape so I latched on to them to use outside. Cheap is good—free is better!

Later: The ladies are back with their purchases. The grill covers are excellent. Very heavy duty and water resistant. Looks like they also brought home more groceries.

DSC_0001 src="" width=244 border=0> New trike covers.

Scotty and I are going to fire up our Cobb grills and cook up some portobello mushrooms. Looks like Linda is preparing a salad to go with them.

While I’m thinking of it I thought I’d mention that I’m writing this blog using Microsoft Live Writer. Very simple interface and usability, and it works with just about every blog writing web site out there. I especially like that I can do everything off-line and post whenever I have an internet connection. If you’re thinking of starting a blog or even writing one now, check it out. Okay, that’s enough free advertising for Microsoft.

Later still: We finished up supper and I must admit it was very good. Who would have thought that replacing beef with portobello mushrooms would make a really tasty hamburger! The coals were still hot after dinner so Linda mixed up some butter, sugar, cinnamon, and other spices; melted it all, then cooked apple slices in it. Mighty, mighty fine dessert I must say. We hung around on the patio until a little after dark when the mosquitoes finally chased us inside. There just isn’t anything much better than a good meal and good conversation with with good friends. Man, what a great life we live.

Time for a shower, a little TV and computering, and another day in the life of a fulltime rv’er draws to a close. And we get to do it again tomorrow!!

Linda here, just wanted to add that today was gorgeous! Blue skies plenty of sunshine and mid-80's for the high. While I was off shopping Jim did the dishes! and he also did them again this afternoon. Now it's my turn to do the dinner dishes....Hope your day was as good as ours!