Sunday, November 22, 2009

Time flies when you're having fun!

When evening comes I'm usually brain dead and don't feel like doing the blog. So I don't. :)

Rest assured, we are enjoying our days! Each day we have chores, as any home owner has. Dishes, bed making, laundry for me and outside Jim takes care of cleaning the rig and maintaining it and the truck.

Yesterday while Jim was putting new tires on his trike this lovely butterfly came along and took a break. I guess he was warming his toes on the rim. Jim also had tires and tubes on the driveway and several butterflies were enjoying the warmth. It was neat to see

Last night we had dinner with Anne and Scotty, stuffed peppers! I made some cornbread to go with and we split a bottle of wine. After dinner we started discussing our plans for our western trip in the spring. I fear if we stop everywhere we want we'll be in Washington state next year at this time! Our plan is to head west to the coast and up but right now we've only two stops planned in Texas.
When I took Boo for a walk yesterday I came across this little beauty. It was interesting to watch and a lot of fun trying to snap a picture! I only had my phone with me and Boo wasn't ready to stand still. I took at least 6 pictures and this was the only one with the wings open.

Yesterday afternoon Jim, Anne, Scotty and I went for a ride in Bentsen Rio Grande Valley State Park. The weather was perfect for it! Mid 70's, sunny and a slight breeze. We have bike paths here and we continued around on those circling our resort. I took some pictures but I'll share them another time.
We have fog this morning and it's a wee bit chilly in the rig. Since Jim is sleeping under the comforter I don't want to turn on the furnace. I'll wake him in a bit and I'm sure he'll turn it on!
Take time to stop and smell the roses even if it's only in your mind!