Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lazy Sunday

We slept with the AC last night and Boo did much better. :) I wish I could say the same for me. I kept waking up from strange dreams and had a hard time going back to sleep only to continue the same dream. If you know me, you know I don't dream. At least I don't remember them. I did manage to stay in bed until shortly after 0700.

I woke Jim at 0800 and mixed up some pancake batter. I had the dishes done and my pancakes consumed before he got up! I then dressed and went for a walk. my clothes are getting tighter and something has to go! I stopped by the fitness center and weighed myself and I was right, I've gained a couple pounds. yuck.

Back home I made the bed and did a load of laundry. Jim worked on the flag lights but I don't think he did anything else. I rode down to guest services to pick up a package and on the way back I stopped and chatted with Carol and Fred.

We both just sat around and watched tv this afternoon. I also spent to much time on this computer! I read some of my book and marinated some shrimp for happy hour. Jim played some golf after he shaved.

We went next door for happy hour. Anne and Scotty, Pat and Vern and Jim and I. It was fun. Besides the shrimp we had cheese (three kind) and crackers and some pico de gallo with chips. And wine! Peach Chardonnay and Moscat D'asti. I think we killed both bottles!

We've showered and the dishes are done. We also had some popcorn!

Geaux Saints! They won again and are now 8-0