Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Boo Gets a hair cut!

I was up around 0715 this morning. I didn't feel rested but got up anyway. I woke Jim at 0800 but he didn't get up immediately. I made myself some pancakes then dressed and went for a walk. Temperature wise it was nice, great for walking. I checked our garden plots and saw that watering wasn't necessary. Amy has been doing a great job watering, she takes her hose down for that job. Anne and I really appreciate it because until they turn on the sprinklers we have to use a watering can.

Back home from my walk and Jim is up! So I took a quick shower and put some clothes in the wash machine. Boo had an appointment for grooming at 1000, so i made the bed and did the dishes and soon it was time to leave.

I always like getting my Boo baby back all clean and pretty but I hate leaving him at the groomers! We didn't have any other places to go so we just came home and waited for the call to pick him up.

I did some ironing and while I was doing this chore Ed Dray called! We chatted a few minutes as I walked outside to hand the phone off to Jim, he was cleaning the truck off. I then had a salad for lunch. Jim had a sandwich. I started watching my soaps but we soon got the call to pick up Boo. We got in the truck and Jim asks me if I want to visit Marilyn and Ed. Sure! So he gave them a call to let them know and we drove to Mercedes. We haven't seen our friends since we left Colorado Springs.

We had a nice visit sitting outside in the shade (for me) chatting and enjoying a cold drink. Since we read each others blogs we didn't learn anything new. They brought us some stain for the rig, Thanks! We got to see the improvements they made to their rig. We also got to see the cleaning crew wash their rig! It never occurred to me to take pictures....

We didn't stay long but we sure enjoyed our visit, it will be the first of many!

Back home I did some work on the computer (yes I do constructive things on my computer!) and watched some of my soaps.

For dinner we had some brisket, beans and a cucumber salad. I'm watching Dancing with the Stars and I wonder who's going home tonight?