Monday, November 16, 2009

Lunch with My Honey

Yesterday I was up at my usual time, just after 0700 and after I had my coffee I went for a walk around the resort. I picked up a Sunday paper and stopped at the garden. Nothing new at the garden :( Apparently we have an armadillo that is keeping an eye on things down there.

Back home I had some breakfast and then threw a load of laundry in the wash machine. Jim skipped breakfast but he did some work on the street side of the rig before it got to hot. when he came in he asked if I'd like to have lunch out and go to Barnes and Nobles. Sure! He shaved and dressed then I did.

Soon we were on our way, but first we had to make a stop at Wal*Mart for a mounting bracket for the TV. He wants to mount the TV in the compartment. I'll have more on that when the job continues.

Then we went to Palms Crossing to have lunch at Kumori, They brought soup right after we sat down, then the waiter took our drink order of hot green tea. We enjoyed this while we read the menu. We started with an order of gyoza, delicious!

I had Yaki-soba shrimp, stir fried noodles with veggies and shrimp. But my noodles were spaghetti! different texture for the meal. my lunch was served in a huge bowl, steaming hot!

Jim had mixed Teppanyaki, shrimp, beef tenderloin and chicken with veggies.
Everything was wonderful. We both like Japanese food. Well we like Asian food in general! After lunch we went to Barnes and Nobles to read magazines and check on books. We didn't buy anything and about an hour later we left. Nice way to spend time during the heat of the day.
We arrived back home in time to watch the end of the Saints game! How exciting....they won and are 9-0 for the season. We spent time watching football the rest of the afternoon and only went out to walk Boo. We stopped at the Scott's, Anne was carving. Scotty came out and he and Jim had a beer. Anne and I needed to check the garden so we left and watered our plots.
Amy joined us and we had a nice visit with her. by the time we got back it was time for dinner and we parted. We didn't have dinner, Jim fixed himself some peanut butter and crackers while I opted for smoked salmon, cheese (soy, of course!) and crackers.
I know we watched some Nat Geo and then we watched more football! The Colts were playing and they won also...So the Colts and the Saints are the only teams that are 9-0....We stayed up late to watch the ending and it was a squeaker!