Thursday, November 19, 2009

How Lucky Am I?

Ask anyone who has known me and they will tell you I don't make friends easily. Matter of fact I don't like most women. But in the past two years I've come to know two wonderful ladies. Marilyn Dray and Anne Scott. These ladies are dear friends of mine and if we weren't full time RV'ers I would never have met them. How lucky am I? These ladies make me laugh, listen to what I have to say and actually like to spend time with me! I feel blessed.....

This morning I was up just after 7 and started my day the way I usually do with a cup of coffee and my computer. At 8 I woke Jim and made some blueberry muffins for our breakfast. I had a couple loads of laundry to do so I started that, made the bed and dressed for the day.

Jim and I went schlepping this morning. First the post office to mail a book. Then we stopped at Target so I could get some Steaz Tea, thanks Sonsearae for telling me they sell it there. I would never have even looked. Then Home Depot so Jim could pick up some supplies for a project he's working on. I managed to find some plants that wanted to come home with me. :) Then HEB for a few groceries.

Back home we put our purchases away and fixed some lunch. I was getting cranky from lack of food! I turned on my soaps and did some email reading. Jim needed a piano hinge for this project so he and Scotty went to Tractor Supply. Anne popped over and asked if I'd like to have coffee with her and I said sure! We sat on her patio talking and enjoying coffee until the buys returned. It was a lot of fun just chatting with a good friend.

Anne took these two pictures of a Great Purple Hairstreak Butterfly. I found him across the street but didn't have a camera with me. This lovely creature was new to both of us!

If you're interested, read about it here:

When the guys came home Jim declared he wanted a Kulatta, a Kahlua and coffee cold drink. So Anne made some coffee and Jim retrieved our Kahlua and Vanilla cream. Amy and Dan brought some veggies to Anne because they're leaving tomorrow for Belize. They declined drinks but we all had a good time chatting and sharing stories.
For dinner we had a baked potato...
We're settled in watching TV. The weather has warmed up again and hopefully we'll get some rain tonight. We've turned on the AC because of the humidity.