Thursday, November 5, 2009

Another gorgeous Day

After sleeping with windows open, fans running and Boo barking I was up just before 0700 this morning. I think the temperature was in the upper 60's. When I got up it was a little foggy and very wet outside.

After breakfast, dishes and bed making I dressed to head to Sun Harvest ( Once Jim finished cleaning the grill and wiping down the truck we headed out. I picked up what I needed at Sun Harvest and then we went a few blocks up the road to Harbor Freight ( Fun store to browse and we both found something to buy.

Jim then headed towards the south on 10th and since I didn't know our destination I couldn't help with directions. We got near the mall then he made a left down a deadend street and went around the block and returned to 10th heading in the same direction. Then he found our destination! Logans Roadhouse, where we had a very nice lunch. jim had a steak, macaroni and cheese and a ceasar salad. I had grilled salmon, sauteed mushrooms and a ceasar salad. We cleaned up our plates and enjoyed a draft beer wiht our meal.

We then drove the short distance to the mall and walked around for a bit. We didn't buy anything but I did see some items I could have bought! :)

When we left the mall we headed to the post office so I could mail a book then we went to the bank to get some cash. Whew! Time to go home....all this running around tires a body out.

Once we got to Bentsen Palms we saw a couple new rigs and one of them was our friends Carol and Fred! Their trip from Michigan wasn't uneventful and they were glad to be here. We sat and talked for a bit but left so they could get set up. After all we'll all be here for awhile!

We finally made it home and I checked with Anne about our garden plot. I didn't get to water this morning so we headed over to plant more seeds and water everything. We picked some citrus fruit and headed home.

I showered when I got home then fixed us some soup and bruschetta for dinner. I still have to do the dishes! We watched CSI and now the Mentalist is on.

It was a wee bit warmer today, I think the upper 80's but the sky was clear and blue...