Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Shopping and Rain

Monday just before lunch time Anne and I headed out for a wee bit of shopping. She wanted to go to Hancock Fabric to find some material to make curtains for her coach. I have no idea how long we were there but we looked at everything and didn't buy any fabric....I bought a Wallie for our loo! Our rig has the toilet in a small closet like enclosure, we have a window and that's great but when you sit down you face a wall that's boring. So I bought a window scene of the beach, it has water, sand and palm trees. I'll try to get a picture I can post. Next I want to get some shells to scatter around :)

On the same block as the fabric store is a furniture store so we headed there to look a Lazy Boy recliners that would work in Anne's rig. She did find one but in the end it cost more than she wants to pay.

Then we headed to Sam's Club to pick up some items for Thanksgiving and life in general. Boy was that place packed! A lot of children were there and we wondered if school was out for the area. We stuck to the meat and veggie area as we didn't need dry goods. We sampled a few things and managed to get out without spending an arm and a leg. Anne also fueled up while there.

Next stop was HEB to check on scallops for our Thanksgiving dinner. I ended up buying frozen ones. We're all set for our surf and turf dinner tomorrow! We only needed a few items so we thought we'd be in and out quickly. But this store was crowded with shoppers also. By the time we got out the door it was almost 1600! We were out all afternoon!

Once home we went into dinner mode, neither one of us had lunch. Anne bought a spiral ham and she fixed some mashed potatoes and gravy. I brought over some corn bread and beans and viola! dinner....

These are some of the pictures I've taken lately

My cactus pot, anyone need some jade? that's the huge leafy green plant in the back

this rose wanted to get in the pot

close up of the double pink rose in our flower bed
Yesterday was laundry day and I stripped the bed and washed the sheets and one other load of clothes. A storm rolled in and made the afternoon a bit dreary. We had a lot of rain, some lightening that cut the power a couple times. Obviously we stayed indoors. The temperature dropped into the lower 60's real fast and stayed there.
We had red beans and rice for dinner with some hot French bread rolls.
Both evenings I watched Dancing with the Stars......who knew Donny Osmond would win? I thought for sure Mya would and I wanted Kelly to win!!!!
Today is starting off cloudy and cold. It's 0800 and only 57 degrees outside. Time to wake Jim so I'll bring this to a close......Hope your day is a good one!