Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Nuevo Progresso, Mexico

After staying up late watching the New Orleans Saints win game number 7, beating the Atlanta Falcons, last night we both slept in this morning! Just after 0800 for me and Jim around 0900 even though I woke him at the requested 0800!

We had plans to go to Nuevo Progresso, Mexico today with Anne and Scotty. The dreaded visit to the dentist! So we ate some breakfast, downed our coffee, dressed and left shortly after 1000. We had other places to stop at and we still ended up early for the appointment. But we were the only ones there and the wait wasn't very long. And Jim and Anne have to go back on Friday.

After we bought a couple 'coffee tables' and some flea medicine for Boo we left Mexico and started home. Since it was way past my lunchtime I was really hungry! We stopped at Grand China Buffet on North Jackson where some of us stuffed themselves! We all had some of the Mongolian BBQ and a few things from the buffet. Jim and Scotty had way to much of the dessert table!

From there we went to Sam's Club where the guys had a good look around while Anne and I picked up what we needed. We spent probably an hour looking around. One more stop at an RV place and then home. One of the tables we picked up was for Vern and Pat so we stopped by their rig to deliver it and chatted for a bit.

We were home around 1700 and Boo was happy to see us! Dinner time. Because of our late lunch I didn't fix dinner. I did eat some cucumber salad left over from last night's dinner and Jim had some peanut butter and crackers.

It was a beautiful day the high around 80. Right now it's 73 and cooling off nicely. Dancing with the Stars is on and life is good!