Sunday, November 22, 2009

Foggy, chilly and the flea market

It was foggy and chilly this morning. Didn't think it would ever clear up and it never got sunny per se. We had more clouds than sun today. But it turned out to be a nice afternoon.

One of the things I did this morning was check on the garden. I think the irrigation system is turned least I hope so. Anne joined me at the garden and we walked back to rigs after I bought a newspaper. I wanted to eat out so I mentioned it to her and she was all for it if we could convince Scotty. Back home Jim had no problem talking Scotty into going to Olive Garden.

So we left around noon and had a lovely soup and salad lunch. Afterwards we headed to the Don-Wes flea market. We spent a couple hours looking around and all we bought was pineapple and cucumbers. There wasn't a crowd of people so I guess all the Winter Texans haven't arrived yet. We did notice some empty spots so all the vendors aren't here either.

Once home I checked emails and then made some coffee and sat outside reading my book, An Echo in the Bone. Very pleasant! Jim also had some coffee and finished off a magazine then played some golf on the Wii. Speaking of the Wii, Jim has constructed a mount for the TV that he uses outside to play the Wii

Using a piano hinge, some plywood and a mounting bracket he can now fold the TV up against the roof of the compartment. He still needs to figure out how to secure it for travel.

The following pictures are the ones I promised.

I'm growing Mesclun in a window box and it's doing well. I pick some every day and it's yummy!

my herb pot is doing quite well also! I can't cut it fast enough. Parsley is huge and the oregano and thyme are keeping pace.

On our ride yesterday we stopped to take pictures along the wall of Retama Village

It's really nice having all these flowers blooming all around us! It's November and we have flowers!
Today is my sister Roxann's birthday. Happy Birthday Dear sister,I hope your day was super!

I'm sure she'd love to come to south Texas and smack me for posting this picture! LOL
We've each had some dinner and now we're watching America, Before Columbus on Nat Geo. It's cooling off nicely and we should sleep well tonight.