Monday, November 2, 2009

Busy Saturday...and catching up

Saturday Jim slept in but once he was up I started doing laundry. The bin was full and I also had to strip the bed. I figured I'd be at it all day and I was.

After breakfast and dishes Anne came by and suggested we head to our garden plot to get started on them. So we packed our bikes with hand tools and seed and pedaled over to the garden area. Everyone who wants can have 10 feet of space and it's irrigated so we shouldn't have to worry to much about watering the plot. It was already tilled and we had marked off the spots we wanted. So we got some work done. I planted two kind of cucumbers, green peppers and two types of flowers. All from seed and I still have some space for more. Tomatoes for sure and I bought some plants for that and a jalapeno plant. I already have mesclun, chives, basil and cilantro coming up in a planter here on the patio.

Back home back to laundry and a bite of lunch. Then Amy and I went with Anne to find some plants. We all bought tomato plants and they need to be put in the ground soon. We also bought more seeds. As the time here goes by I should have more to write about the garden. Wish us luck!

Back home I finally got the bed stripped and started on the sheets. As the afternoon wore on we all convinced Jim he should wash Anne's car. So they spent some time getting the car sparkling clean inside and out. Not sure who's idea it was but we all agreed to go out to dinner.

It was just the four of us. Oh and Dave and Karen!

Anne and Scotty
Karen and Dave. They won't be in the Rio Grande valley until the end of the year.
We had a lovely dinner at Macaroni Grill. Jim and Anne had a seafood pasta dish, I had chicken cannelloni (yummy!) and Scotty had chicken Parmesan (I think). After dinner we stopped at Best Buy to look at computers.
Back home I jumped in the shower and Jim started making the bed. Once I was finished he jumped in the shower and I finished making the bed. We make a good team!
Sunday was a lazy day. I won't bore you with the details. But the high was around 80 and it was a good day to be lazy.
Today was a good day too. For the past two nights we've slept under the comforter with the lows dipping into the 50's. I've even had to run the furnace the past two mornings.
I watched my soaps today after Jim and I ran a few errands. He played some golf on the Wii. Leftovers for dinner, we must clean out the fridge!
Now I'm watching Dancing with the Stars. It's 73 degrees outside and I don't think it will cool off much tonight.