Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day

What an awesome day! I was up late today, 0740, I guess I was tired. :) Jim got up on time 0800! After I finished my coffee I went for a walk with Anne. We checked the garden and on the way back I weighed myself and I've lost a pound. Not sure where but I hope it doesn't find me again!

Anne was cooking a pot roast for our dinner so I decided to bake bread. The first loaf didn't turn out well and I ended making another one and hot out of the oven in time for dinner!

Most of the afternoon I was watching my soaps, watching the clock and reading. Jim did some vacuuming and between him and Scotty they figured out what was wrong with our overhead lights. Apparently that wore Jim out and he had to take a nap!

We had dinner on our patio, the pot roast was delicious! Didn't have a big dessert, just cookies. More importantly we enjoyed time with our friends Anne and Scotty.

I'm watching the Country Music Awards and it sure is nice to hear them honor our vets!

Do you know the history of this day? Do you know why we set this day aside to honor Veterans? Please check out this link: World War I was the war to end all wars..... that didn't happen, did it?