Saturday, November 14, 2009

Shopping with Anne

Our morning started normally. We both got up! LOL I had coffee and made breakfast for Jim and I, scrambled eggs and toast. After catching up on blogs and email, Jim went outside to clean a bit on the rig. He also set up my bird feeding station. I hope we can lure some small birds to our site.
I stayed in my jammies a long time this morning, just didn't feel like getting dressed. But eventually I did change into shorts and a t-shirt. I made the bed, washed the dishes, watered my plants. I decided to read for a bit but that didn't last long. Anne came over and we made tentative plans to go shopping if the weather proved to get to hot. Then Carol came by and we had a nice visit.
Jim came in saying he needed some lunch and since it was 1145 I was ready for lunch also. I ended up making salads for both of us. The temperature outside kept going up and up so I told Anne I was ready to shop!
We headed to Stienmart for a sale! And I did find a lovely dress that only cost me twelve bucks! Anne also found a couple items. After we left we made a stop at Ulta. Our final stop was HEB where I had a short list of things to pick up. It was crowded but we got to sample some cheese and wine.
Of course we took Karen with us, she loves to shop and I'll bet she would haved loved the sale!
This Bird of Paradise was in the parking lot in front of Ulta.
Just as we pulled into the resort my phone rang, Jim wanted to know where we were and should he and Scotty go to What a Burger! :) I didn't realize we'd been gone 4 hours! But I had fun and I think Anne did too.
Soup and sandwiches for supper and I still need to do the dishes. that was my day, how was yours?