Friday, November 6, 2009

Nuevo Progresso, Mexico

I was up shortly after 0700 this morning. Again, we slept with windows open, fan running and Boo barking at things that go bump in the night. Actually, once he settles down he sleeps through the night too. But it's right when we go to bed that he has to protect us. And I suppose we could handle that but he has to jump out of bed which means one of us has to get up to put him back in bed! It's an interesting way to go to sleep. :)

It was foggy and humid again...I kind of like it, reminds me of New Orleans. Once the sun burns off the fog it begins to heat up. That part isn't so nice....I don't like high temperatures. I woke Jim at 0800 but he didn't get up immediately. I had breakfast, did the dishes then went and got dressed. He still didn't get up. Why is it he manages to sleep in when I need to strip the bed and wash the sheets?

No matter I had a couple things to do outside, water my plants and pot a plumeria. Oh, I planted some marjoram seeds too. I wanted to plant some tomato seeds but I've misplaced them.....I'm sure they'll show up.

When Jim got up I stripped the bed and started doing the laundry. He had some breakfast and enjoyed his coffee while reading blogs. In between loads I managed to get my fingernails polished.

We had a slow easy morning. We were going to Mexico again to visit the dentist again. Anne had a noon appointment as did Jim so we left around 1100. It takes about 45 minutes to get there. I took some magazines to read and Scotty brought a book.

We didn't linger in Mexico and we didn't stop for lunch. Anne was doing ok but she still had some numbness. We just came home. I turned on my soaps and had a grilled cheese sandwich. Jim also had a sandwich but had his lunch outside. He's not a big fan of my soaps :)

For dinner tonight Anne baked some macaroni and cheese, we both had ham that she heated in the microwave oven and I steamed some green beans. I also baked some scones for our dessert. We had dinner inside at the Scotts. Good food with good friends, what could be better?

We came home around 1930 and I showered, then Jim showered and I did the dishes. Right now we're watching Numbers and we watched How it's Made.

I'm sure the temperature was in the upper 80's this afternoon. We had some wispy clouds and a nice breeze, another beautiful day in the RGV