Saturday, May 23, 2009

We played tourist today

I was up at 0645 this morning! I had time to do some exercises before I made my coffee. Of course I could exercise every morning before I have my coffee but why should I spoil the morning? LOL For breakfast I had some pancakes and juice. Jim got up around 0900. I really should wake him earlier but he does love to sleep!

While he had his coffee I made the bed and tidied up the kitchen. Then I Boo and I went for a walk. On the way back up the hill Jim joined us. Once we got back to the house we changed and headed to downtown Asheville. We found a parking lot and paid our fee. then we just started to walk around. There are antique shops, coffee shops, restaurants and tourist shops.

As we walked around I took these pictures. Our day was overcast so they aren't the best.

I just liked the jumble of the railroad ties holding this hill back....wonder how long it's looked like this? or how long it will last...
a lot of the buildings have beautiful brickwork, this is the fire station

Just a pretty tree

More of that fancy brickwork

Sidewalk art in front of the Ed's place

barrel planted with flowers
We had lunch at Barley's Taproom and Pizzeria, Decent pizza if a bit overpriced. We had a Greek Pizza and some really good beer. After strolling around town we made it back to the car park with time to spare so we stopped in a wine store. There was a tasting going on so we tasted a few. Jim quit after two but I did all five. Didn't have anything I couldn't live without. But we did find a wine we'd been looking for. Not the same vineyard so it may not be what Anne and I like...Time will tell....
Once home we both took a wee nap. Afternoon coffee was had outside. Still haven't had dinner but I am getting hungry!
We're showered and watching BBC America, Torchwood just ended and now it's time for Primeval...