Friday, May 8, 2009

Late start!

I slept until 0900 yesterday! I didn't know I was so tired....LOL

After a late breakfast I did some laundry while Jim got the kayak ready to put in the water. I was going to go with him but by the time he decided to head out it was to hot for me. So he left and I played with my beads and watched my soaps.

Once he got home I put my beads away. He and Scotty were in and out playing with our GPS. Jim is still learning and I Scotty is helping.

For dinner we had crab stuffed shrimp. Anne supplied the shrimp and stuffing, I supplied the crab and made them. We had a salad and some bruschetta. Killed off a bottle of wine and another good meal was had by all!

After dinner we tested the GPS....and went to Sports Authority. Jim needed something for mounting the kayak on the truck. The rest of us just went for the ride. Arrived home in time to watch CSI.

After that we showered, I did the dishes and then we had some popcorn. In bed shortly after 2300.

Today we're being tourists!