Thursday, May 7, 2009

Charleston, South Carolina

Yesterday we got acquainted with our surroundings. After breakfast we headed towards the city and stopped at a Visitor Center. We got maps and brochures for the area and ideas about where to eat some Bar B Que. We sorta looked for the restaurant but our first order of business was a stop at West Marine. Scotty needed to pick up something for his boat. While he and Jim shopped there, Anne and I went next door to a toy store....then to a Wild Birds Unlimited store. I picked up a bag of seed for the birds.

Then we headed east on Highway 17 into Charleston. The historic district is packed into a small area but it has some gorgeous architecture and beautiful homes. Everywhere you go you pay for parking so we chose a spot near the City Market and had lunch at Gilligan's On the Market. The lunch menu was decently priced and tasted good too! I had steamed shrimp, fried okra and green beans. Jim had fried oysters and shrimp with cole slaw and fries. With tea our total was less than twenty four dollars.

After lunch we strolled towards the market area and found this utility pole covered in chewing gum. I have no idea why this looks like this.

We stopped at a wine tasting store and next to it was the sweet shop. This gelato tempted the guys but they passed on it.
The part of the City Market we saw was like any flea market with folks selling everything from sweet grass baskets to all sorts of hand made items. We didn't buy anything but it sure was fun to look. We made it back to the truck before our meter expired and Jim drove down by The Battery. This area was hit by Hurricane Hugo in 1989 and it was nice to see the homes looking beautiful.
We then headed back towards the campground and Walmart. Anne and I both needed groceries and we needed fuel, $1.96. Once home we put everything away. I watched my soaps and Jim put the kayak together so we can put it in the water here.
Scotty has relatives here and they invited us to dinner last night. Around 1730 we headed to Rhonda's place for a dinner of hot dogs, potato salad and beans. She rehabilitates birds and I thoroughly enjoyed the tour of her home and yard. From small finches to ducks and geese, wild and domestic, she has a huge flock of birds!
Jim and I enjoyed our visit with her and the rest of the family. We got home around 2100 and showered and watched TV for awhile. In bed by 2300.