Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rainy weather

We've had rain every day since our arrival in Lebanon and yesterday we were treated to a thunderstorm! that was fun....I spent the day doing laundry and ironing. When I take the sheets off the bed I wash one at a time in our small washer. So it can take awhile to wash and dry them. I also washed the duvet cover.

I watched some of the French Open and my soaps. Jim worked on the roof trying to fix a wire for the TV and satellite dish. It would be nice if he wrote about what he's doing because most of the time I haven't a clue! He was at Walmart when the storm broke here.

Had afternoon coffee and read a couple magazines. Dinner was awful! I bought some ham but we didn't like the tough salty cut. I won't buy that again! We also had steamed potatoes and sliced tomatoes, these were good. Jim did the dishes for me so I could watch Jeopardy, gotta love him!

We watched reruns of NCIS and we were in bed shortly after 2200. It's good to be back in the CTZ!

This morning I was up with Boo at 0530 but went right back to bed. I guess I went back to sleep because I didn't get up again until 0715. Did some yoga and had my coffee. Breakfast is over, the dishes are done and here I sit....