Monday, May 11, 2009

Taking it Easy

Yesterday I was up at 0800 and it's Mother's Day....I could have slept in! No breakfast in bed, no pampering of any sort. :( That' s OK. I'm not Jim's mother...But my daughter sent a gift and it was enough.

Rain was expected and Anne decided to clean her carpet, so Jim did ours too! The guys did some compartment cleaning and rearranging of stuff. Jim took the kayak apart and re-packed it. We're leaving Tuesday and I really don't know where we're going. One more leg of our trip with the Scott's before we part ways and they head north while we go west.

After a lunch of a big salad I went to the post office and grocery store with Anne. Postal rates go up today :( We went into Hollywood, SC! It's only a few miles up the road on highway 162. Just as we were leaving it started sprinkling. The drops on the pond were quite a few. As we drove along we went through some heavy downpours. Such are the storms here in the coastal south. Since neither one of wanted to get drenched we waited out one downpour before putting our mail in the box. Didn't even get wet!

Then it was back the way we came and a stop at the Hollywood Piggly Wiggly. Small store, high prices! We picked up the items we needed and drove home. By now we know it's going to be a rainy evening and the storms came through quickly. We even lost our satellite connection a couple times.

I'd been cooking ribs all day in the crockpot and with baked potatoes and cole slaw that was our dinner. We've been eating our meals indoors at the Scott's as they have four chairs. Of course it started raining hard after we arrived! So we sat and had our meal then talked for a bit. Around 1730 we headed home. Boo needed his dinner and I needed to wash the crock pot.

Sonsearae called but our connection wasn't very good. Still it was nice to hear her voice!

It rained off and on all evening and by the looks of it maybe overnight too. We watched Cold Case and some history channel programs. Jim went to bed early while I stayed up and did laundry. Just had to wait for it to finish washing and into the dryer it went. Then I went to bed also.