Saturday, May 9, 2009

Patriots Point

Yesterday we headed out to Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum ( around 1000. The drive isn't long but it's on the other side of Charleston. Not sure what time we arrived but we got there just in time to catch the cruise around the bay and out to Ft Sumter National Monument. All in all I think it takes two hours with one hour onshore visiting the fort.

Fort Sumter is where the Civil War began when Union troops were fired upon by Confederate troops. When you see how the island is situated you understand more of the battle that must have gone on. After 36 hours of being bombarded from all sides the Union troops surrendered. No lives were lost!

When we got back to shore we were all hungry and instead of eating at the snack bar, we left the park and went to The Point Grill where they had a buffet going, all you can eat for $5.95. What a deal! After lunch we headed back to the park and the guys went on the ships. This was an additional charge and Anne and I decided we didn't need to see the Yorktown and other ships in the marina. I think there are four available for viewing making it the most any city has. The battleship was closed but the submarine, aircraft carrier and another were open for viewing. I'm sure the guys had a good time.

Anne and I checked out the goodies in the gift shop and then sat outside waiting for the guys. It was 1600 before they came ashore! We then headed into rush hour traffic to drive home. Scotty did an excellent job of making sure we got home safely.

We did not eat dinner, neither one of us got hungry until 2030 or so. I had a salad and Jim had peanut butter and crackers. Showers and in bed shortly after 2300.

I'm sorry I don't have pictures, but my camera just doesn't take long distance pictures very well. It was an overcast afternoon and none of the shots I took were worthy of sharing.