Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Swansea, SC

Yesterday we slowly packed up and left Charleston around 1030. We weren't going far so there wasn't any hurry except maybe to miss the rain. We headed northwest to River Bottom Farms RV Resort and Campground in Swansea, South Carolina.

We made a stop for a bite to eat and in no time at all we arrived.....after a couple wrong turns....but the drive through farm country was lovely! :) It didn't take long to set up and the guys had a beer and we ladies walked around the area. There aren't many campers here and there's a row of them under the trees that I think live here.

this is one of the ponds, there are four catch and release ponds

When we checked in we learned about this rooster and his protectiveness towards a stray kitten. They weren't together at this time but Anne and I saw both of them

Our rigs parked side by side. as you can see the sites are quite large

Anne, Scotty and Boo

Jim looking good!
It was a relaxing afternoon and for dinner we had shrimp scampi along with a loaf of French bread and a bottle of wine. We ate outside and it was wonderful sharing a meal with our friends. We sat out after dinner for awhile, but eventually I had to go in and get the dishes done.
First I showered and then I did dishes. NCIS was about to start and I didn't want to miss any of it. We also watched the Mentalist and flipped back and forth checking out Dancing with the Stars. Ty Murray went week I think the contest will be between Gilles and Melissa. Shawn is good but not relaxed enough. Personally I like Cheryl and Gilles.
last night the temperatures dipped into the 50's and I slept well under the down comforter.