Saturday, May 30, 2009

Angels and Demons

Yesterday after lunch we went into Lebanon, Tennessee to the Roxy theater and saw Angels and Demons with Tom Hanks. Great movie! There were only three of us watching....why is it they play the movies so loud? I wear ear plugs and it's still to noisy.

once home I watched my soaps and piddled on the computer. I think I read a magazine. Real exciting life we lead!

For dinner I fixed chicken stir fry which we enjoyed with a glass of wine. The movie Batman Begins was on AMC so we watched that. Started to watch Roadhouse but I decided I'd rather sleep. We were in bed by 2230.

I was up at 0650 this morning! Did some yoga and had my coffee before Jim got up around 0800. I had fun texting Anne, I sure miss her......Scotty too!

Spent some time outside reading magazines before lunch. Jim was inside doing his thing on the computer then he fixed the sky light blind in the shower. I did a load of laundry and had lunch....

just another day in paradise! please click on an ad...we get paid when you do!