Thursday, May 21, 2009

Moving Day

Today we moved to another campground. We couldn't extend our stay at the last one and Jim found a space for us at Bear Creek

Since the drive was only a short one we packed slowly and left around noon. About twenty minutes later we were here. Once we set up I decided to have dinner for lunch. Jim agreed and he grilled some steaks and I baked some potatoes and sauteed some onions and mushrooms. A glass of red wine and I was a happy camper.

this is one of our views
This azalea is planted near the office. Beautiful sight to see when you arrive at a new place. Picture was taken with my phone
After lunch we headed to the Verizon store. We needed to get our bill adjusted and take advantage of a savings for vets. We got the charges taken off our bill and blocked Jim's phone from getting text messages (we were being charged for them). Then we asked about the discount and we got it! By showing his DD214 we get a discount of 15% every month on our bill. If you have a DD214 and a Verizon account get thee to the store and use this code: 117818
Just down the road was a strip mall with a pet smart so we stopped to pick up a flea collar for Boo. This area is full of ticks! Jim took one off his leg and twice we've found them on Boo. I hope it was just the last campground but to be sure I got the collar. The smell is giving me a headache!! I plan on keeping it on him during the day and removing it at night.
Then we went to World Market....boy have they got a sale going on...but we didn't buy anything, not even wine.
We came home and found more people had checked in. But there are a lot of sites left unoccupied. This is a hilly area and the campground is on different levels. Quite a few trees and it's maintained nicely. But we can hear the interstate and earlier I heard airplanes. We'll see how peaceful it is this weekend.
I had a salad for my dinner.