Thursday, May 14, 2009

Laundry and surfing

Yesterday we did chores....these will never get done if we don't do them! I started our chilly morning by baking blueberry bread. It warmed up the house and made it smell heavenly. After breakfast and washing up the dishes I stripped the bed and washed the sheets.

Jim spent time on the internet looking for our next campground. He's not having any luck finding a spot for the Memorial Day weekend. Everyone that he's called have been booked solid.

Anne was also doing laundry and we walked with Boo down to the laundry room. This campground is just so peaceful with so few people here! I can't imagine what it's like when it fills up, if it ever does.

I watched almost all of my soaps and I think I know what's going on......Jim had a headache after all his research and phone calls so he took a nap. Once he got up he asked 'what's for dinner?'. Anne and I hadn't figured that one out as we both needed to go grocery shopping.

Jim headed over to visit with Scotty and Anne came here to discuss our plans. We decided we needed to eat out and pick up some groceries. So we all changed into our 'city' clothes and headed to Pelion. Not to many choices for dining and the first place didn't appeal to us so we went to Hansen's Cafe where we all had a good dinner.

Then it was off to IGA to wander the aisles and pick up what we needed. Jim needed ice cream and pretzels! Once home I put our purchases away, Jim did up the few dishes and nuked a snack cake for him and Scotty. We grabbed Boo, the ice cream and cake and headed next door for dessert. I didn't have any but Anne, Scotty and Jim enjoyed the ice cream.

Scotty digging in
Anne trying not to look at the camera

Jim wondering why I need to take his picture while he's eating
This campground has a resident Goose that travels and guards three ducks. At dusk they come around and eat bugs. I saw them in the yard and thought a picture might be fun. I went out and almost immediately the goose started towards me with his head to the ground! I managed to take this picture before heading back inside.

When they all hung around the patio we decided that they wanted to be fed. Anne gave me some state crackers and I went outside to feed the critters.

The goose took crackers from my hand but I think he disliked Jim taking his picture because he hissed almost every time before he took the cracker.

The crackers were gone so they headed off into the sunset....our evening entertainment was over :(

Inside Jim and Scotty were working on Scotty's GPS and computer...don't ask me what but I managed to snap this picture

We headed home and discovered our internet was out. A Hughes problem, but no matter we used the wi-fi here or at least I did. Jim played games once he showered.
I've put out my hummingbird feeder but so far no hummers. Maybe it's to early in the season for them. My bird feeder sits on the picnic table and again, no activity. I can hear birds in the woods. The squirrels haven't discovered it so that's a plus!
So far this morning I haven't seen the sun. A gloomy start to our last day with the Scott's. Tomorrow they'll head out to continue their travels north while we head west for the summer. We'll meet up with them again in October when we'll be parked alongside them in the valley.